Transporting and travelling with your AM1

When moving or transporting your AM1 you must avoid damage to the rechargeable battery as this could lead to short circuit or fire! The battery should always be removed from your AM1 before transport.

When you have removed the battery from your AM1 make sure the contacts on the battery are protected from short circuit. Before transporting your battery make sure you have checked the regulations in your country for transporting rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Especially if you are shipping your AM1 internationally.

Notes for transporting your AM1 by car, or other means.          

  • Ensure your bike rack is suitable to carry the weight of your AM1
  • When you lift up your AM1 be aware the centre of the weight may be in a different area than you have been used to with other bicycles.
  • After removing the battery, store it somewhere where it cannot be impacted, damaged, crushed or warmed up by the sun or the heating of your car.
  • Before taking your AM1 on an aeroplane, train, ferry or other public transport means, make sure the company is aware you have an electric bicycle and you have the AM1 specification to hand if required.
  • Always remove the AM1 battery before leaving your AM1 unattended in any stowage areas on these forms of transport.
  • On aeroplanes the AM1 battery must be carried as part of your hand-luggage. You must protect the AM1 battery from liquid or potential crushing.
  • If you are ever unsure about any regulations for travelling with your AM1 and the rechargeable battery, contact the travel company or courier.