Key differences between an AM1 and a normal bicycle

Be very aware of rapid acceleration or unexpected extra speed or activation of the assist. 

Any movement of the pedals could cause your AM1 assist to activate. You must always turn off your AM1 assist before pushing or walking with your AM1.

  • Take extra care in unusual or unexpected road and weather conditions.
  • Frost, snow, dust, loose gravel or fallen leaves can be an additional hazard with the electric assist of your AM1.
  • Ensure you always use the appropriate amount of motor assist by selecting low or off when you are unsure.

Although your AM1 is mostly similar to non electric bicycles, it has some key areas that differ which will require extra attention and awareness when riding and maintaining your AM1.

  • Due to the motor in the rear wheel and the extra weight this adds, your AM1 will handle differently from other bicycles or electric bicycles you may have experienced.  
  • The electric assist will only deactivate if you stop pedalling or you apply the brakes. 
  • Your AM1 brake pads will require more frequent maintenance due to higher average speeds and the increased weight over a normal bike. 
  • The electric assist will allow you to ride at higher speeds. Make sure that it is always safe to do so, and be aware that other road users may not be used to the added speed of your AM1.
  • The battery and charger require a level of expertise as does the riding of your AM1. Make sure you are familiar with all of the features of your AM1 before your first ride and be aware of the key differences detailed above. Please read everything carefully before riding your AM1 even if you have experience with other electric bikes.