Checks before your first AM1 ride

1.Concentration and fitness - Riding a bicycle in a city requires a level of concentration and fitness that may be more than you are normally used to. Make sure you are completely familiar with all of the functions of your AM1 before you use the electric assist and before you head out onto busy roads. We would recommend practising in a quiet area or park where cycling is permitted.

2. Braking - Make sure you are happy with the brakes and the way you have set them up. If you are unsure for any reason, contact our team at or take your AM1 to your local bike shop.  All AM1s are equipped with the latest brakes and these may be far more powerful than any bike you have ridden before. Be careful before using 100% power on your AM1 brakes!

3. Sizing and set up - Make sure your AM1 is set up properly for your height and reach. Make sure your feet can reach the pedals and the saddle is not so high that you cannot reach your heel to the pedal when the pedal is in its lowest position. Also check your feet can reach the ground when you are standing off the seat. Make sure there is enough distance between the top of the bike frame and your crotch so you can get off your AM1 quickly if you have to.

4. Intended usage - As covered in the previous section, your AM1 is designed for city use on well-paved hard road surfaces. It is not designed for use on uneven or soft terrain, downhill trail riding or jumping, tricks or stunts. Make sure not too exceed the weight of 125kg when using your AM1.