Warnings in this guide


There are several warnings in this guide to alert you to items that need special attention. Pay particular attention to the steps or text with these warnings as the consequences of ignoring these will not be repeated.

When we refer to 'AM1' or 'Your AM1' this means all variants of the AM1. These are AM1, AM1 Step, AM1+ and the AM1 Step+. All warnings apply to all variants. 

This warning identifies specific areas that could cause a hazard with a high degree of risk. Serious injury or death could occur if these warnings are not adhered too. 

This warning identifies items that have an amount of risk regarding damage to your property or the environment. 

This symbol lets you know about areas that require specific attention regarding how to handle your AM1 or specific instructions that need extra attention. 

  Further to this, when undertaking the installation of bolts or screws, note the turning direction.


To tighten a screw, bolt or nut you should turn clockwise.


To loosen a screw, bolt or nut you should turn anti-clockwise.

Any deviation from this will be clearly labelled.