Overall safety

The following points will cover

  • Operation safety notes
  • Best practice for reducing risk when riding
  • Care and precautions with the AM1 battery

Even by following all the notes in this guide, riding a bicycle is still a dangerous and unpredictable activity. The same risk still remains with the battery. Even if you follow all of the precautions in this guide, the battery can still be dangerous.

Carefully read over this section so you are prepared in the case of an emergency.

General Operation Safety

Carefully read about the local road laws and requirements to use your AM1 on public roads. Failure to do so could lead to an accident or injury.

Only have your AM1 repaired by trained bicycle mechanics. If you have any issues with the electrical aspects of your AM1, contact www.analogmotion.com/support. If you have someone untrained to work on your AM1 to repair it, it could lead to malfunction or accident and subsequent injury.

Be aware of the danger to children and people with reduced physical, mental and sensory limitations.  People without the required expertise will also be at a higher risk of accident and injury from using an AM1. 

  • Anyone using your AM1 should be fully aware and capable of dealing with the risks of riding an AM1. 
  • They should read this guide fully before using your AM1 or the battery and charger. 
  • Never allow children to use or play with your AM1.

Always wear a suitable and well fitted helmet when riding your AM1. Failure to do so could result in injury during an accident.

Carefully observe the temperature limits when using your AM1 or there is risk of permanent damage to it and the rechargeable battery. 

  • Do not leave the battery in direct sunlight
  • Do not park your AM1 in direct sunlight with the battery still installed. 
  • Do not leave the AM1 battery uncharged for longer than 1 month. 
  • Do not expose your AM1 battery to long periods of below freezing temperatures.