Dear AM1 kickstarter backer,

Thank you so much for your support and help in bringing our products to market. We are so happy to have you on board and can’t wait to get you out riding your new AM1.


The first thing we would ask you to do before beginning to assemble and ride your AM1, is to read this manual in detail. It is also available on Structhub for digital download. Scan the QR code at the start of this manual to find out more. 

You will find it  valuable and you will be able to learn a lot about your new AM1. Once you have finished reading the manual and understood all of the warnings and instructions within, you should store the manual carefully. If you ever sell or give your AM1 to anyone else you should give them this manual.

Secondly, we ask that you strictly follow the assembly instructions in detail. You must adhere to all instructions within and if you are not sure or have questions please refer to our website and specific component documentation if required.

Further information will be available at support.analogmotion.com .


After closely following our assembly instructions, please refer to the following sections of the AM1 manual:

  • Checks before your first AM1 ride - This will give you information about items to check specifically before your first outing on your AM1. Be careful to check everything here before heading out! 
  • AM1 - Intended use - This will help you understand the limitations of your new AM1 and where it should and should not be used. It will also give you important information such as the permitted maximum weight which is 125kg. 
  • Checks before every AM1 ride - This section will give you important information about what to check over on your AM1 every time before you use it. 

The instructions contained in the following guide are intended only for building Analog Motion AM1 / AM1+ / AM1 STEP / AM1 STEP+ and you should not use this guide for help using any other bicycle product. Carefully review the component supplier information available on our website as we cannot include every aspect of each component within this guide due to potential changes from our suppliers.

Additional tools will be required, and some aspects of your AM1 assembly will not be described in every detail as different people will have different levels of experience or skill when it comes to assembling a bicycle. For your own wellbeing do not work on your AM1 unless you are absolutely comfortable doing so. For any questions contact our service email support@analogmotion.com. 

Furthermore this guide cannot teach you how to ride a bike. We cannot take responsibility for teaching you how to ride a bike or the local road laws where you intend to use your AM1. Cycling is a potentially hazardous activity and you must ensure that you stay in control of your AM1 at all times. By choosing to ride an AM1 on public roads and streets, you take on the responsibility for this risk. Keep in mind that even with a helmet and other protective equipment you can still be vulnerable to other road traffic. Ride your AM1, respect all other road users and always observe traffic signals and signs.

Do not use your AM1 if you are tired, have had many alcoholic beverages or have taken drugs. Never allow a second person on your AM1 while you are riding, and never remove your hands from the handlebars or your feet from the pedals whilst you are riding your AM1.

Before setting off on your AM1 we recommend you use the minimum protective equipment. A properly fitted bicycle helmet, a resilient pair of shoes and some reflective or brightly coloured clothing will all help you to have safer rides on your AM1.

We wish you many fun adventures on your AM1.

Thanks again,