AM1 Rechargeable battery safety notes

Very carefully read through the following warnings. If the battery is handled incorrectly, or these warnings are not adhered to there is the possibility of death or serious injury.

Risk of Death!

  • Fumes from a leaking battery or one that has caught fire can cause poisoning or fatal injury.
  • Do not stay in a confined space with a leaking or burning battery. Move to a safe distance and fresh air.
  • Risk of Explosion!
  • A damaged battery could cause fire or explosion.
  • Do not attempt to put out a battery fire by yourself. Call the fire service immediately if your battery is on fire. 
  • A fall or impact to the battery can cause liquid or gas to leak from the battery.
  • Do not ever take apart, perforate, deform or modify the rechargeable battery and its housing.

Injury Risk!

  • If a battery is damaged and leaking fluid or gas, you could injure your skin or eyes.
  • If you suspect a battery is damaged or leaking do not move it without the following:
    • Eye protection
    • Hand protection
    • Breathing apparatus
    • Leather apron

There is the potential for damage to your AM1 motor, battery or controller.

  • Make sure to read the section on charging the battery before your first charge and ride.
  • If you think the battery may be damaged, DO NOT attempt to charge it.
  • Do not charge the battery with any charger other than the AM1 battery charger that shipped with your AM1.
  • Before charging make sure you place the battery on a heat and fireproof surface. Glass, ceramic or stone would be ideal.
  • If you have any questions please contact

There is the potential for damage to your AM1 motor, battery or controller.

  • Do not use your AM1 battery for any other purpose other than to power your AM1. 
  • Do not expose your AM1 battery to excess heat or direct sunlight. 
  • Do not expose your AM1 battery to liquid or cleaning fluids. 
  • Do not use your AM1 battery if it is obviously damaged, giving off excess heat or the casing has any changes from its normal colour.